Professor at the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, Egypt.

Samer has been awarded the first prize in Scienti­fic Forum of Medibat, Sfax and many more prizes for his contributions in many forums and competitions. He explores the boundaries of local heritage and develops it using research and computer technologies to stretch our civilization to new limits we have not reached before.

The Awards Gained during His Career:

1-Farsy Student’s Award (For First place in Class)

2-Medina magazine,Furniture Design Competition, 2000 (First Prize)

3-Medina magazine, Smart Village Competition, 2001 (First Prize)

4-American University of Sharjah (Arch.& Sustainability),2001 (Honorable Prize)

5-Tasmeem magazine, Mobile Library Unit, 2002 (Second Prize)

6-Ain Shams University Future Architecture 2100, 2005 (Honorable prize)

7-Al Benaa Al Araby magazine,Enhancing Urban Life, 2006 (Second Prize)

8-Urban Enhancement Center, Egypts Facade, 2007 (First Prize)

9-Gold World Council with Hammer group,Golden Jewelery,2008 (Honorable Mention)

10-Magaz magazine, Future Schools,2009 (Honorable Prize)

11-Arcbazar, Newyork Clinic Design, 2011 ( Honorable Prize)

12-Fablab, Fanoos Ramadan Design, 2012 (Honorable Prize)

13-Hassan Fathy Award, Bayt Al Suhaimy 2011, 2012 (Silver Award)

14-Medibat scientific forum, Self Sufficient Islamic House 2013 (First prize)

15-Arcbazar Sedona, Arizona Self sufficient house, 2013 (Honorable prize)

16-Architecture Revolution Space station, 2013 (Honorable Mention)

17-Hassan Fathy Silver award, 2013(Honorable Mention)

18-Eco-House Competition by Arab Academy for Science and technology, 2014 (First Prize)