He is a Senior Lecturer in the Institute of Sport, Physical Education, and Health Sciences. Since 2001, He has been Director of the Developmental Physical Education Group (DPEG): a group of teacher educators, teachers, and researchers whose focus is innovation in primary physical education curriculum, pedagogy, professional learning, and policy. His personal interests focus on the relationship between complexity thinking, ecological perspectives and practice and, more recently, how self-study and practitioner inquiry can support long-term professional learning. He was previously joint director of the Scottish Primary Physical Education Project: a £6 million project set up to help over 1,000 primary teachers across Scotland develop a specialism in physical education. He has presented at many international conferences and has written extensively on children’s physical education. He has, recently, been invited to present in various countries including Canada, Japan, Singapore, England, Ireland, New Zealand and Spain. He is also an honored member of the Association for Physical Education.