In 1989 Lucia graduated in Architecture at Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria. Her activity as a teaching assistant begins even before graduation courses in Appraisal and Economic evaluation of projects.

After graduation, she obtained a Ph.D. (1994) in “Methods of Evaluations in Urban Design and Architectural Design” at Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, a Scholarship (1994) at IRIS-Institute for Housing and Social Infrastructure of Bari and a duration of three years Research Fellowship (1999-2003) with a research program: “The evaluation in complex urban programs” for the scientific sector ICAR/22.

She has been the holder of courses of Evaluation and Economic evaluation of projects continuously since 2003, always in the discipline ICAR 22. She is a member of the Academic college of the PhD in “Conservation of Architectural and Environmental Heritage” She is a technical and scientific coordinator of “Centre for research, promotion and development of tourism marketing” of the Province of Reggio Calabria.

Since 2011 she has been the scientific responsible of the university laboratory: LaborEst – Evaluations laboratory economic appraisals of Heritage, Architecture, Urban Planning Department; she has been directing the magazine “Laborest – Pages of Appraisal and Evaluation Plans, Programs and Projects; she has been scientific responsible of ” Urban Real Estate Observatory ” activated by Laborest at the Municipality of Reggio Calabria.
Her main topics of interest:

  • Sustainability complex programs of urban transformation
  • Economic and financial feasibility of public and private investment
  • Governance of local development processes
  • Project management
  • Valorisation and management of cultural and environmental assets