He graduated in 1992 at the Department of Architecture, Building and Planning in Eindhoven. In 1997 He obtained his Ph.D. on knowledge encoding in graphic representations by architects. His research interest lies in design: to understand how design proceeds, and how we can understand and support it with computational means. This is studied from various angles: collaborative design, graphic representations in design, Case-Based Reasoning, design methodology, Virtual Reality in design, and design theory.

He has taught courses on advanced architectural and computational modeling and design theory, design support systems, design methodology and design theory. He has given several workshops abroad on advanced modeling and architectural theory. From 2001-2005, He has been vice-president of eCAADe, and from 2005-2009, He has been president of eCAADe.

Since July 1st, 2010 Henri is no longer employed at the Design Systems group. He is an associate professor (docent) at the Department of Architectural Modeling, Faculty of Architecture of CVUT – Czech Technical University in Prague.