Dr. Hatem Ibrahim
Qatar University, Qatar

Dr. Hatem Ibrahim is an Associate Professor of Architecture at the Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Qatar University.

His research specifically focuses on architectural design process and simulation, contemporary urban planning, architectural identity and sustainable design. In addition to his publications in scientific and professional journals and symposiums, Dr. Ibrahim was a keynote speaker, general chair, technical program committee chair and session chair of multiple international conferences.

Also, Dr. Ibrahim is an Editorial Board member in many Journals in the subjects: Urban Planning, Construction in Developing Countries, Sustainable development and Built Environment.

He is a member of a number of international scientific and educational organizations and served in many academic and research institution in the UK, the USA, Saudi Arabia and Egypt.

In 2014 Dr. Ibrahim received the “Outstanding Research Project” award by the Qatar National Research Fund for his Undergraduate Research Experience Program funded project “Unifying Qatari Architecture Language and Contemporary Architecture: Case Study of Doha—Qatar”. He also received the golden medal and first prize from King Saud University for his academic achievement in 2008.

Dr. Ibrahim earned his PhD from the School of Architecture and Building Engineering at the University of Liverpool in 2000