Francesco teaches Economic Assessment of Plans and Projects (ICAR SSD 22) within the Bachelor of Architecture Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria. Visiting Professor at School of Public Affairs, San Diego State University (US).

Calabrò graduated in architecture in 1995, then in 2003 he was awarded a PhD in Conservation of Architectural and Environmental XIII-cycle. ” Since 1996, he carries out scientific research as an Adjunct Professor and Research Fellow at the Department of Urban and Architectural Heritage, through a structured process, but consistent with the contents of the specification ICAR/22. He coordinate, in collaboration with L. Della Spina and under the scientific responsibility of professor E. Mollica, the activities of the Real Estate and Urban triggered by the PAU Department on behalf of the Municipality of Reggio Calabria.

The research activities of national interest and local entities in partnership with both public and private, is mainly aimed at assessing the sustainability of complex programs of urban renewal and enhancement of the built environment, on issues of e-governance the feasibility of public and private investment to property and infrastructure; estimates of the housing market and building production and quality in the building process, project management, protection, enhancement and management of cultural and environmental. In the period 2004-2006 was in the PRIN-Research Program of National Interest “Effects of interventions of urban transformation on local economies and housing markets” financed by the Ministry of Scientific Research. Since the 2011, director, with L. Della Spina, of the research laboratory “Laborest” and of the homonym scientific journal. Since 2014, director, with L. Della Spina, of the Observatory UNESCO Sites “Andrzej Tomaszeski”. Ordinary member of the SIEV-Italian Society of Valuation and Assessment. Board member of ICOMOS Italia  – International Council On Monuments And Sites. Join national and international scientific conferences and has supervised the production and dissemination of numerous publications.