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Plagiarism: what is it and how to avoid it

Plagiarism is an increasing issue that is being faced by students and even researchers nowadays. Despite clear and strict policies for cases of plagiarism among universities and institutions, reports of plagiarism cases are still higher than ever. Such acts could be a result of moral breakdown or ignorance. Seen as ...

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The Importance of Having an ORCID ID

ORCID ID An ORCID ID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID. Unique, persistent identifier for you as a researcher/academic Linked to your name, rather than to your institution. Can be applied to your research outputs to identify, validate and confirm your authorship. Can be used to track research output. ...

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How to Publish Your Paper in an Academic Journal?

Academic journals are a very convent way for authors to share their findings. Authors who aim to have an impact in their field of work resort to journals as it reaches more readers than any other publishing method. Academic journals aim to not only publish your work but to also ...

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