The Importance of Having an ORCID ID



An ORCID ID stands for Open Researcher and Contributor ID.

  • Unique, persistent identifier for you as a researcher/academic Linked to your name, rather than to your institution.
  • Can be applied to your research outputs to identify, validate and confirm your authorship.
  • Can be used to track research output.

As a researcherit is vital to gain the full credit as a contributor or a researcher in your work. One of the best ways to gain this full credit is using an ORCID ID, and other benefits. In this blog, we will be discussing the importance of having an ORCID ID and how it facilitates the process of authorization for researchers.

It provides numerous benefits for its users which will be discussed next.

Benefits of having an ORCID ID

Firstly, an ORCID ID provides the user with a unique number that will be used for the work on ORCID’s database. This helps the researcher to gain the full credit on a paper, whether as an author or a contributor.

Secondly, it also helps the researcher’s works to get discovered. Along with having connections on ORCID, this helps the work spread within the research community.


Another main advantage of ORCID is that it is a lifelong digital identifier; meaning that the work will always stay under the author’s name and can always be accessed, even if the author gets out of the field later on.

Moreover, ORCID helps connect existing work from existing databases, so that the author has all his/her work in one place. An author can also have his page made public, in order to promote his/her work in the research community for users to benefit from them.

Other benefits and advantages of ORCID

It’s multidisciplinary; meaning that it does not focus only one scope of research, it is community-based; where you can have a community of researchers from the same field, and it has multiple languages. It also helps in the peer review for researchers with one another.

An ORCID ID is a major tool for researchers as it provides many benefits making it an essential part of their research journey.

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