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The History of Heritage Management Rehabilitation

Cultural heritage can be defined as a legacy of material resources of mobile  of a group of non-physical or what inherited from previous generations and society that still exist in the present and will be allocated for the benefit of future generations. It also includes tangible or physical buildings and ...

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Contemporary architecture & digital design process

Abstract In recent decades, new methodologies have emerged in architecture design that exploit the computer as a design tool. This has generated a different set of digital skills and a new type of architecture knowledge. Introduction In 1963, Ivan Sutherland’s sketchpad program demonstrated that computers could be used for drafting ...

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Empowerment strategies and the transition into a green city

The unity of all the countries of the world and their peoples to address the challenges of climate change is the shortest route to maintain the environment of the Earth we all share. Preserving the environment will remain a basic principle in our development programs, national projects and governmental policies. ...

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Rehabilitation of the architecture of cultural heritage

The architectural of cultural heritage witnessed a serious deterioration that includes a set of buildings with diverse activities, representing a national treasure and a reflection of the great civilization of Egypt, as they form numerous monuments contributing in forming the cultural and civilizational background of which we are all proud. Thus ...

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Sustainable concept of architectural conservation

Sustainable architectural conservation is the process of maintaining architectural and heritage buildings and elements while seeking to extend and prolong their existence, or to keep them as monuments of humanity’s built heritage which dates back to earlier times. With the rise of the idea of historic and heritage buildings conservation ...

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