How can you increase your research citations?


Many researchers wonder how they could increase their citations post-publication. Getting a large number of audience to view and cite a certain paper might seem hard when in reality, it just needs some effort. Citations are vital to all researchers as they can boost their Hirsch Index (h-index); a metric widely used to assess the knowledge, productivity and impact of a scientist. It is calculated by comparing the number of publications and number of citations of a researcher.

Below, we highlight how you can contribute to the efforts already exerted by the publisher in order to increase your paper’s visibility, which accordingly helps increase the paper’s citations.

What can YOU–as an author –do?

It all starts with the paper’s publication. For you to get a higher number of citations, it is best to publish your paper in a respectable open access journal. Therefore, the number of people viewing your paper would be higher as it would be available to everyone, giving your work the recognition and credit it deserves.

The Undeniable Role of Social Media 

Social media platforms are crucial when it comes to promoting your research. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can help you disseminate your work among your colleagues and across your network who might find interest in your research topic or share it would someone who is. Therefore, it is always a good idea to link your researh on your social media accounts.

Although LinkedIn is known for keeping up with academic and professional circles, it is also important to not forget the importance of social media accounts. They can help spread your research more effectively among other respectable researchers. Create an account and share your work on platforms such as the following: one of the best and the easiest ways to share your paper with the academic community. with similarities to, helps scientists, researchers, and academics share and discuss current advances across all fields.

Mendeley: a reference manager website, known for collecting sources and organizing references, allows you to upload your paper, allowing other researchers to import it into their own libraries.

Google Scholar: links your name to your paper(s), through which researchers have the ability to view all your work with a simple click of a button. helps identify the researcher and link their work to them.

What else can you do?

Always actively promote your research in related conferences. Academic conferences always have active researchers in your respective field, which will increase your research visibility and expand your network further. The university you are affiliated with most certainly has a university journal, in which you could share your work for dissemination among people in the same university.

Our Role

Now that you know of some things that you can do, we will inform you of what IEREK Press does to help you promote your work to wider audiences.

Why IEREK Press is the perfect place for you!

IEREK Press not only has several open access journals, but it also has worked over the years to index and archive its publications in known and world-renowned databases. We are tirelessly and continuously working to help provide you with top-tier services and support.

By hosting and managing conference proceedings journals, that feed off of selected papers from IEREK Conferences, we have also been careful as to provide our audiences with a direct-submission journal, titled Environmental Science and Sustainable Development (ESSD).

IEREK press has a total of four open access journals thus far:

1-ESSD: covers all Environmental Sciences and Sustainable Development topics and is indexed in DOAJ, WorldCat, and EBSCOhost and more.

2-ARChive: an open-access journal that publishes conference proceedings in a wide range of topics and across all scientific disciplines, from Sciences, Engineering, and Technology to Environment, Energy, and Earth Sciences. It is also indexed in DOAJ, WorldCat, and EBSCOhost among others.

3-Resourceedings: is an open-access journal that publishes conferenceproceedings, indexed in WorldCat and EBSCOhost.

4-BAHETH: is a peer-reviewed journal that publishes original academic research in the fields of Architecture, Engineering, and Technology. The journal welcomes research in the Arabic Language with an English Abstract. The Journal is indexed in WorldCat and EBSCOhost.

Why is it important that our journals are indexed?

The main purpose and target of being indexed is to help reach a wider audience. Not only that, but the indexation of a journal will help the authors and readers differentiate between a reputable and trustworthy journal and one that is of low quality and reliability.

As a journal is indexed, its contents (publications) and information are all shared and given the attention they deserve.

How does IEREK Press promote your work? 

IEREK Press helps you publish your paper hassle-free! The paper firstly goes through a peer-reviewed process by international and reputable editors and reviewers. Following the publication, IEREK Press ensures that your paper is promoted in all academic and non-academic social media platforms, to guarantee the high exposure of the paper among our audiences.

Alongside promoting your research through our current indexations, we are constantly working towards indexing your work in highly esteemed databases and platforms.


In order for your paper to gain more citations, it will require time and effort and will always be a never-ending job; however, IEREK Press is up to the task of helping you get a step closer each day to reaching wider and wider audiences. Your contribution will also help make all the difference!

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