5 steps to build a city from scratch


build a city ierek

When we were children we used to build our cities from cubes and other toys, but now we have to design better cities to make people live better lives.

On the following article we will see the main 5 steps of building a city from scratch:

Step1: Define your location

You have to know the location you are going to build wither it is a desert, or agricultural area, or suburbs, or it’s a residential district.

Step2: Make access to water supply

You have to bear in mind that the city will expand and you will have urban dwellers. Cities gain an average of 5 million residents every month. There are two main challenges related to water: the lack of access to it and increasing water that caused by natural disasters like floods. These challenges have an effect on human health, the environment, and economic growth.

Step3: Make green infrastructure

Green areas with built infrastructure provide many functions and also achieves sustainability in urban spaces.

Step4: Consider job opportunities

Your city has to be economically sustainable. Most successful planned cities make benefits from employment opportunities. That will make people target your city and come to live in it, as a result, make it livable.

Step5: Make transportation planning

You have to make a link between transportation and the form of the city. You must put in mind the increasing of the population every day and the need to decent public transportation. Try your best to eliminate “peak hours” and traffic congestion.

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