How to Increase Your Research’s Visibility


After an Author gets their paper published, the task at hand is to have their paper reach the widest audience possible which in turn increases the paper’s visibility. Increasing a paper’s visibility will result in so many benefits for the Author as it could potentially open up future collaboration, job and publication opportunities. It would also increase the paper’s citations, resulting in the Author’s h-index increasing, something that almost everyone puts as one of their prime targets.

  • Where You’ll Publish It

There are countless of ways for you to increase your research’s visibility. The first step is generally publishing it to a respected journal or as a conference’s publication after having promoted it among countless of other researchers interested in your field, ensuring your work’s safety as well as having an already present and direct wide audience reach guarantying you a reasonable amount of views.

There are several things to consider when choosing a journal, besides taking into account the editorial board, whether it is peer-reviewed or not and the journal’s acceptance rate among other aspects. It is also important to take into consideration whether the journal has open-access or not. Having your work published in an open-access journal means that this specific journal will be open to the public to have free access to read, share and download it. The readership potential when it comes to open-access journals is far greater than that of a journal where the full-text of a paper is restricted to the viewing of just the subscribers.

  • Promoting Your Work

Now that you have your work published, engaging in academic social networks is quite important. By promoting your work on several academic platforms such as and ResearchGate, you will further increase your readership potential. It’s also quite important to share the news of your new publications with your connections and those who find interest in your line of work on your social media accounts such as on LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to name a few.

  • Making and Maintaining Your Connections

If you happen to attend several conferences, making connections should be taken into account. Having a wider professional and academic pool will give you a good advantage when it comes to your work with several possibilities. One of which is having a potential collaboration with one of your new connections in the future as well as having an audience with great interest in your work which will only ever be in your favor.

Keeping track of where, when and who is discussing, citing and sharing your work is important and it can be easily monitored through checking the platforms which your paper is published or posted on. Maintaining a scientific tracking database of this information and adding it towards your CV is beneficial as it would record your academic achievements such as your publications in top-ranked journals, prestigious research grants, scientific awards and others.

Reaching a wider audience is a never-ending target that all authors aim towards, and it is more often than not could take more time than to the author’s liking. Starting somewhere is always important, and remembering that each read is also potentially an unrealized change, this is an important thought to always keep in mind.

IEREK Press works hard in order to help you achieve your widest audience reach possible by providing you with as many services as it can, such as open-access journals, that are indexed in several platforms and constant promotion of your research papers, often even after your paper has been published for a while, thanks to the dedicated marketing team.

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