Scientists forum
Scientists Forum

The International Scientists Forum (ISF)

You are cordially invited to join the International Science Association, which aims at developing science, spreading knowledge and cultivating the minds of graduates in all genres of knowledge. The association joins together reputable professors from Egypt and overseas. Objectives of the association can be summarized as:

  • Encouraging and developing scientific research.
  • Spreading knowledge and catering for scholars.
  • Catering for researchers and facilitating their mission.
  • Coordinating between researchers from different specializations.
  • Providing a space for communication between scholars.
  • Activating the cultural movement
  • Achieving research and studies.
  • Cooperating with scientific competencies inside Egypt and overseas.
  • Communicating with diverse scientific institutions, authorities and centers that share the same interest inside Egypt and overseas for mutual benefits and visits.
  • Providing work opportunities for the youth.

Means of the Association

The association achieves its objectives through the following channels:

  • Setting up a huge library that includes books, periodicals, and studies in all fields.
  • Organizing scientific gatherings and forums every three months for sharing ideas on how to advance culture and for finding solutions for problems that are important for the community as well as improving research in accordance with the objectives of the association.
  • Taking part in the scientific forums and organizing mutual visits with similar institutions inside Egypt and abroad.
  • Offering experience for the generations-to-come and classifying members according to their roles and achievements.
  • Issuing whatever necessary (i.e. books, magazines, or brochures) for spreading knowledge and scholarly communication.
  • Any legal channel that support the activities of the association.
  • Providing accreditation for institutes and quality programs as well as accrediting the certificates they issue.
  • Issuing recommendations for workshops, seminars, or conferences that would encourage and improve research