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I am Ruby Adams and I am researching on Emerging Technologies. I love this site as we can share our research work and so many other things . I have visited many sites, but this is something different than the others. This site is really helpful for my thesis research work.

Besides this, I work as an Account Executive at Fintax Experts and shares a passion for resolving accounts related issues and queries for my clients. I have earned numerous years of experience in the industry. I completely abide by the key guidelines of Accounting & Finance and know how to fulfill major objectives of outsourced tax preparation services, back office outsourcing, and various other financial services for my clients, spread all across the UK, US, Australia and Canada. My work responsibilities include the preparation of financial statements, tax returns, quarterly and annual financial reports, etc. I believe in making best possible efforts to deliver perfect results to all my clients. In my leisure time, I pursue my hobby of swimming and reading novels.

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