7 World’s Strangest Cars you have ever seen!!

Written by: Allaa Muhammed As transportation becomes a critical issue in our life. There are more designs appear every day to make mobility easy for people. You will see in this blog strangest cars. Colim It is a multi-functional car. Designed by Christian Susana. It is a great mix of ...

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Top 5 Types of Alternative and Renewable Energy

Use Renewable and Alternative Energy-Save The Earth

Use Renewable Energy-Save The Earth Renewable Energy, Alternative Energy or Pure Energy and even Unlimited Energy are different expressions for only one mean and meaning which is “saving the earth “. In order to understand the danger facing the Earth and how to overcome this danger, we need to take ...

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Why Choose Sustainable Transportation?

Sustainable Transport

Transportation is one of the fundamental components in our daily life. We consume most of our resources and harm our environment to achieve successful mobility of goods, people, etc. As moving from point A to point B requires energy. But with green transportation, or sustainable transportation we will be able ...

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Top 7 to-be-richest cities in 2025

richest cities

According to researchers of Mckinsey Global institute, these cities will be the world’s richest cities among all the cities in ten years from now this research rank is based on GDP per capital. Many of you must have thought among these cities New York, London, Tokyo, Hong Kong as many ...

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Facebook Invented The Future Camera

Facebook-Surround 360 Camera Cover

Facebook Surround 360 Camera Facebook reveals one of the greatest technology inventions which will actually change our look to the world literally, it’s related to the Virtual Reality technology (VR) or as the common expression (3D) technology. Facebook has made it clear that it sees the future in Virtual Reality ...

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How wind turbines work

When you pass by a wind turbine farm, you cannot help but wonder at how large they are and the power they produce. But thought the technology of these turbines might seem a bit recent, but their origin tracks back as far as 200 B.C. as they used back then ...

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5 Influencing Factors in Architectural Visualization

architectural visualization

There are many factors that influence the architectural Visualization for each Architect, however, there are main points, that many specialists agreed on, are the most influencing factors in this field which are: Environment It is an important factor that identifies a building’s shape and influences the amount of materials that ...

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Is Urban Studies Social, or Engineering science?

Urban Studies

Most people see Urban studies is an engineering science because it is related to urban planning and civil engineering, in the United states according to this concept it is considered within engineering science and the urban planner must study engineering, which is not only the public point of view, but ...

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