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From Surviving to Thriving: IEREK and the Corona-Virus pandemic

As COVID-19 continues to tighten its grip on the globe, organizations around the world continue to navigate through an unchartered territory. Company executives[1]  have been forced to make big, lasting, decisions as their businesses transitioned into remote working environments due to national emergencies. As the crisis completes its first year,[2]  ...

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A guide on the structure of a Research Paper


Topic Selection and Introduction: The first step to writing an appropriate research paper is to initially choose an interesting, yet challenging, topic. A researcher’s interest towards the chosen topic will act as the main motivation to the author in reaching the best and most genuinely acquired results. The introduction is ...

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Why Open Access?

Open Access

We, as most people already know, live in the age of information where everything is made available on the internet. Many may think that living in an age where information is readily available anywhere at any point in time is a massive step forward in the direction of self and ...

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Everything you need to know about sustainability.


In a daily growing world, the need for sustainability study is increasing every day. It is a very broad discipline that connects civil engineering and environmental science with the newest technology. It becomes a necessity to save our world. What is sustainability? Sustainable development is always defined as” Development that ...

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Land use it or lose it

Land use refers to the manner of utilization of land, it generates the maximum profit without negative consequences, especially on the environment. Here are some good tips in land use planning: 1_plan for industrial land, by determines the location, design, infrastructure, regulations, and the safeguard that will separate them from ...

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Smart Materials: What are they?

As a worldwide system, Materia recognizes patterns and current needs in building design and configuration. In these fields, there is a developing requirement for information about smart materials. Effectively, savvy surroundings are turning into a vital piece of our lives. This is just situated to increment later on, as information ...

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