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The Green Urbanism Conference Program Is Now Available

green urbanism

Amongst the increasing environmental challenges, the Green Urbanism conference couldn’t have been at a more perfect timing. The conference will be held in Italy from 05, Dec / 07, Dec 2018     And IEREK is happy to announce that the program for the conference is now available at the ...

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Gala Dinner

gala diner

After the gorgeous MAXXI museum tour arranged by IEREK on the second Green Urbanism conference day, The Gala dinner will be held  and the prices are on disk by euro* There is no doubt that the tour is exciting, and an addition to any architect’s background. In addition to the ...

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The Department of Natural Resources Management and Environmental Protection of Moscow is Attending IEREK’s Green Urbanism Conference

The Department of natural resources management and environmental protection of Moscow is not only interested, but also sending representatives to attend  Green Urbanism conference held by IEREK this October in Italy. The Department is a Russian governmental institution responsible for protecting the environment and managing the country’s natural resources. The conference ...

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IEREK’s new journal in association with Springer


IEREK is happy to announce its collaboration with Springer in creating a book series of conference proceedings titled ‘Resourceedings’ where an international Editorial Board, grouping experts on all topics to be covered in the series, are to ensure the publication of high-quality material. Thus, such outstanding material will lead to ...

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Flying Board | Human can Fly with Next Generation Tech

Flying Board (Arcaboard)

Flying Board “I believe i can fly” is not just a song anymore Flying Board, flying man or flying jet were just authors’ imagination of science fiction movies to impress the audience. However when it comes to science, imagination is the first step of invention. I also don’t know if R. ...

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IEREK is happy to announce its becoming a member of Crossref

IEREK is happy to announce its becoming a member of Crossref, (iThenticate), a plagiarism detection software, to verify the originality of written work and in an attempt of improving the quality of the published conference and other proceedings. This software will allow IEREK to do so through access to crossref’s ...

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