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Luxor – The ancient Thebes

Luxor – The ancient Thebes luxor city is known to be the greatest open-air museum in the world. It’s on the site of ancient Thebas, “ the Pharaohs” capital at the hight of their power on 16th century BC. The city lies between the east and west banks of the ...

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Agricultural Production Systems

Agricultural Production Systems are set to improve our lands’ ability to produce goods of all types through profitable and copious means with cautious and careful management towards the ecosystem, public health, animal welfare and the wellbeing of communities. In order to fulfill the needs of the increasingly growing population and ...

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The best things to do in Aswan – Egypt

The besst things to do in Aswan – Egypt Aswan is still and will always be a must-see tourist destination in Egypt, famous for its beautiful scenery along the Nile and the Nubian culture that is still a strong influence in southern Egypt. In spite of the concentration of tourists ...

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Sustainability as the future`s gateway (7 min. read)

Introduction: Humanity`s Technological evolution from the simplest things like a needle all the way to rockets is owed to the environment and also to the humanity itself, a debt that’s very hard to be settled as the fair price is our future. Since the industrial revolution through the past 2 ...

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The Importance of Renewable Energy for Environment

The Importance of Renewable Energy for Environment: Usually we use energy to obtain electricity, hot water, and fuel for cars. We harvest this energy from fossil fuels such as oil, natural gas and coal. However, these are nonrenewable energy sources. Therefore, the problem is now if these sources finish, we ...

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IOT gives our devices the power to think

How IOT works in a very simple way: Imagine your alarm clock wakes you up, giving an order for your coffee maker machine to make your coffee while your car checks your calendar for today, connected to the traffic system; it can give you the best, fastest road to your ...

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The World’s Top 5 Countries Solar Producers

The World's Top 5 Countries Solar Producers

The beginning of access to alternative energy The human civilization that began thousands of years ago has had a significant impact on the damage to the environment. Scientists and researchers around the world have had to confront these environmental problems. Through both research and experiments, as well as the discovery ...

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Importance of Energy Transition in Smart Cities

For the simple reason that a city is a large and permanent human ecosystem, citizens who live in them, specifically smart cities, expect to get the most in terms of the services and opportunities provided. However, the rapid urbanization and increasing population in cities caused a major decline in the ...

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How Living in Sustainable Smart Cities Can Help Improve Lives?

The importance of living in sustainable smart cities cannot be neglected anymore, especially with the noticed increase in urban population. Indeed, living in them will improve peoples’ lives. That is mainly due to the modernization and optimization of the cities’ management in most of its characteristics using technology. In fact, ...

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