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Facebook Invented The Future Camera

Facebook-Surround 360 Camera Cover

Facebook Surround 360 Camera Facebook reveals one of the greatest technology inventions which will actually change our look to the world literally, it’s related to the Virtual Reality technology (VR) or as the common expression (3D) technology. Facebook has made it clear that it sees the future in Virtual Reality ...

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Conferences Organizing: The Ultimate Guide

  CONFERENCES ORGANIZING: THE MOST EXTENSIVE AND DETAILED GUIDE Conference can be defined in many ways according to its form, period, size and purpose. However, the most popular and basic definition of conference is: A gathering of people with a common interest or background, with the purposes of allowing them ...

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Future Fuel from Air and Water

Audi e-diesel fuel

This Diesel fuel was invented by German company Audi cars is the least polluting fuel in the world as it’s consist of a mixture of water & air and the most significant advantage is that co2 is used in generating fuel, and also this fuel doesn’t contain a sulfur substance.

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