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IOT gives our devices the power to think

How IOT works in a very simple way:

Imagine your alarm clock wakes you up, giving an order for your coffee maker machine to make your coffee while your car checks your calendar for today, connected to the traffic system; it can give you the best, fastest road to your destination. You watch monitors your health status sends report to your doctor, your smart TV goes live when your favourite program begins, checks your home and office supplies level and order them for you if necessarily. This all comes from IOT technology by connecting your alarm clock, car, smart TV and wearable devices over the internet, actually, anything has on/off switch can be reached via IOT network.

•    Internet of things consists of three things: things that collect and send data, things that receive and act, and things that do both. All that through devices and sensors is called machine to machine or M2M. These devices while connecting to the internet generates a high amount of traffic and data loads to make it more useful.

•    Devices connect to the internet indirectly by using cellular data, WIFI, satellite and Bluetooth, or directly by using Ethernet.

•    After connecting to the internet (cloud), devices start data processing through some kinds of software depending on its complexity.

•    It then notifies the end user through a user interface option, through Email, notification or a message.

Benefits of IOT:

•    IOT for business: it can help businesses in data collecting, easier logistics, and reduction of overall costs, customer support and interaction. As well as improving the overall customer experience and increasing revenues

•    IOT for manufacturing:  energy efficiency, high-quality products, waste reduction, maintenance, time predictions, downtime minimizing, and faster precise decision-making.

•    IOT for Health: by implanting chips on our bodies, we can monitor our health. Hospitals can also use these chips for better patient monitoring, which will dramatically save lives.

•    IOT for agriculture: can monitor land moistures levels, precise watering farms can help reduce water wasting and farms overall quality

•    IOT for the environment: by applying sensors that monitor pollution levels in a city, sensors in forests can help stop deforestation, one of the main causes of global warming, animal poaching and forest fire prediction.

In conclusion, IOT is a vital and critical issue. We cannot deny its significance as we mentioned earlier. It is all about making our world easier, more productive and having a more advanced approach towards the future. However, there are also hurdles that make the vision a little bit difficult to achieve until those challenges are settled. As IOT’s mission is to make our life comfortable, more fruitful for businesses, governments and individuals, through billions of devices connected, there is a high vulnerability to hacking and data security would be a crucial matter.

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