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What is sustainability and why is it important?

An attempt at keeping our ecosystem in balance, sustainability is a study of development necessary today that does not compromise the needs of future generations. Despite its new emergence, the idea of sustainability considers economic, social and ecological dimensions alongside its goal of protecting our natural environment, sustaining our modern way of life and rather protecting it from destruction.

Today, the world has turned into a modern, consumerist and urban space that consumes natural resources. With increasing energy requirements, more than we can put back, our way of life has become a threat. Consequently, a need for change has become essential alongside further changes to our existing environment. As we are now more aware of the strain put on the world’s resources and the predicament of the developing world, it is important to look for and develop new technologies that not only suffice our demands but also do so sustainability.

For example, If we took a close there are many forms of sustainable energy sources that can be incorporated by countries to stop the use of fossil fuels. Sustainable energy does not include any sources that are derived from fossil fuels or waste products. This energy is replenishable and helps us to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and causes no damage to the environment. If we are going to use fossil fuels at a steady rate, they will expire soon and cause an adverse effect on our planet. Thus, alternatives to issues like these demand solutions protect our environment.

Slowly damaging our environment through pollution, cutting down trees, fossil fuels and more, a set of goals put forth by the movement has been created. The primary goals of sustainability, as per previous discussions held in international Conferences by the United Nations on Sustainable development, include gender equality, sustainable economic growth while promoting jobs and stronger economies, health of land, air and sea, and even matters like better standards of education and healthcare– especially those concerning water quality and sanitation.

It is now vital that we develop methods and technologies adequate in meeting our demands and needs. Sustainability activists and professionals are now collaborating in hopes of contributing towards a sustainable future.

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