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IEREK’s New Age | Medical Conferences and Exhibitions

IEREK Enters The Academic Medical Field

A New Year, A New Evolution, and A New Field

The New Year is filled with promises, hopes, and ambitions. In line with the celebration of the new year “2018”, IEREK has a different definition of the “new year”.

A New Year for IEREK means a new success, new progress, and this year is a new field of events organizing.

Proudly & Gladly, IEREK is organizing conferences and exhibitions in various sectors of medicine. Starting with 2 unique and parallel international events (conference – exhibition) on, Advanced Techniques in Cosmeceuticals’ Medications (ATCM).

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About: Advanced Techniques in Cosmeceuticals’ Medications (ATCM) | International Conference and Exhibition

Over the past decade or two, improving the physical appearance and satisfaction of a patient has been witnessing numerous advances in which modern research has provided an unprecedented ability to convert a 70-year-old look to a young and healthy 40-year-old through highly advanced cosmeceuticals and anti-aging techniques.
This major advancement not only requires to be celebrated but also researched, studied, improved and built upon to create various possibilities to maintain that smooth younger look.

1- ATCM International Conference

That said, we aim to propagate the advances that can successfully let you live younger rather than longer through our very first international conference – Advanced Techniques in Cosmeceuticals Medications (ATCM). As you are reading this, scientific researches and discussions about this topic are being tackled worldwide. Therefore, IEREK welcomes you to ATCM.
ATCM seeks to bring together; doctors, surgeons, professors, researchersdermatologists, cosmetologists and all other specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine from across the globe, in order to discuss the following and more…

  • – Difference between cosmetics and cosmeceutical
  • – Myths and misconceptions of cosmeceutical
  • – Anti-aging advanced techniques
  • – Body-contouring and reshaping
  • – Cosmetic Dermatology Treatments
  • – What works and what doesn’t
  • – Ages to start cosmeceutical’s medications
  • – Side effects?
  • – Dermal fillers, breast and lip augmentation
  • – Advances in cosmetic and plastic surgery
  • – Cosmeceutical makeup
  • – Legal differences between drugs and cosmetics

All doctors, surgeons, professors, researchers, dermatologists, cosmetologists and all other specialists in the field of aesthetic medicine from across the globe can register now as Author or Audience through the following link:

ATCM Conference Registration-photo cover

2- ATCM International Exhibition

Moreover; in parallel to ATCM International Conference, IEREK is organizing a unique and tremendous exhibition about beauty, anti-aging, cosmeceuticals, and cosmetics.
ATCM Exhibition is dedicated to cosmetics and cosmeceutical industriesmanufacturer exhibitorsleading brands, all medical options that can be used in anti-aging scope and professional visitors. Many segments of exhibitors and professional visitors are communicating, networking and introducing under one roof at the Fairmont Heliopolis Hotel.
During holding period of the 2 parallel ATCM events (International Conference & Exhibition ), ATCM exhibition will tackle different areas, allowing the exhibiting brands to present their latest treatments, services, and products by means of live demonstrations. The visitor can thusly discover the latest innovations in equipment, cosmetics, and services.

All professional individuals and organizations can register now as Exhibitor, Sponsor, or Visitor through the following link:

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