Architecture Development


Architecture Development

Architecture is known as the art and science of designing for building and non-building structures, as it is one of the ancient architectural arts that man has known since he needs to build a shelter.

The Architecture is also known as the art that is concerned with the application of a set of architectural designs that depend on drawing the structure of the planning of building buildings and the cultural features of a place or city. The nature of public culture, the dominant heritage of the region, may contain a collection of symbols, or artistic sculptures, Architecture Development, which remains the evidence of the nature of architecture in each era of time if we imagined how communities and urban are created and established, we will find that architect is the major factor for their establishment.

The difference between Architecture and Architecture engineer

The architect is responsible for finding the shape and spatial spaces suitable for use

This specialty is concerned with the creation of high-efficiency building designs in terms of planning, construction, and lighting.

The students who wishes to enroll in the architectural specialization must have a level good in mathematics, physics, economics, computer science, and good in drawing, the ability to imagine for the fact that specialization requires the conduct of drawings and architectural designs.

The architect-engineer is responsible for producing this picture, which the architect drew in his imagination to the ground where he is very interested in the engineering aspects of the buildings.

If you want to excel in this profession, you must know that the conditions require the following points:

-Visualization, design, and innovation in the field of architecture from the national and international heritage.

-Completion and evaluation of construction projects.

-Guidance and directing individuals and institutions to complete construction projects.

-Possessing oral, written and visual persuasion to defend the project.

Architectural Importance

Architecture Development is important for any civilization & society as it is the function that supplies architectures and engineers with the Physical and tangible environment. Architecture is an expression of civilization for all nations at any time. As they represent the force that creates and shape the social environment.

Engineering has many disciplines and sections, but the architect is aware of architecture and also in the engineering construction and construction processes. The architect is very knowledgeable about the building as a whole‏ and should be familiar with all aspects of the building in terms of construction, ventilation, traffic, electrical connections and architectural design. As the architect is responsible for taking this picture that, the architect drew on his imagination to become realities on the ground.

Architecture Development

Theories of Architecture

Ancient architectural theory: It is one of the first theories of architecture, proposed by the Roman architect Vetterovius in the first century AD, indicating that architecture depends on levels that must be applied so that the architecture is classified as excellent and divided into three levels:  the benefit of construction, achieving the purpose of construction, and the beauty of construction.

Modern theory: A collection of modern architectural concepts that emerged in the 19th century, which contributed to changing the exterior shapes of buildings and inventing new ideas for construction that were not used before. This led to the emergence of modern types of buildings such as skyscrapers, and large commercial markets.


Architecture over time

The architecture development had existed for many centuries, if we look at ancient times we will find that they reveal to us the past and how the peoples and kings lived in previous eras. In every civilization, there is a distinctive characteristic of the different architecture of the building. For the paranoiac civilization, we will find temples, pyramids, all characterized by the boring architecture of the city. This elliptic theatre in Rome considered as one of the greatest architectural feats achieved by the Ancient Romans.

Architecture Development Architecture Development

At the present, there are many examples of a wonderful architect as The Leaning Tower of Pisa is one of the most remarkable architectural structures in Europe. St Basil’s Cathedral in Red Square in Moscow and there is a world-famous Empire State which is considered one of the tallest buildings in the world.

Architecture Development Architecture Development

Therefore, we can say that Architecture can reflect the thoughts, concerns, and behaviors of people and nations, this make architecture society’s mirror, reflecting the culture of peoples and societies.  And if we look at people who have been influential in the field of architecture throughout history who made wonderful and unique works we will find them, for example, Raphael, Gustavo Eiffel, Ludwig Mie’s van der Rohe and Louis Kahn.

Louis Kahn
Louis Kahn
Gustave Eiffel
Gustave Eiffel

Architecture development challenges

After we having realized the importance and role of architecture in societies, communities and their impact on nations and how it affects in civilizations. We have to look to the future as we now face different challenges like the expansion of urban development, the increasing technological development, and population increase.

So we are required to provide the necessary resources for construction to maintain the identity of communities, We need creative and innovative ideas that provide us with architectural solutions and proposals for the present and future to conserve resources and direct energy exploitation well and effectively.

This is the challenge as many architects today are fighting for clean and better world, In the last period, a new concept has emerged: green architecture, ‏ Its goal is to protect the environment through architectural formation and not based on our desires, it’s an architectural philosophy that calls for energy conservation, the use of sustainable and sustainable sources of energy, the reuse of building materials and the construction of new buildings, taking into consideration its impact on the environment.

Architecture Development

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