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Engineers in The military life

Military Engineering

Have a great historical role in a time of peace and a time of war that has affected the formation and changed the lives of many people in our time throughout history, which have formed cultures and painted the borders of most countries at the present time.

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Military engineers are soldiers carrying out engineering tasks such as building bridges and removing natural obstacles, securing river transit modes and supervising transit and crossing points. They also include demining and minefields to combat the enemy in the event of war. Some armies in the world use Military engineers in times of peace to contribute to the construction of the infrastructure of the country. It is also used to develop the infrastructure of the army and its vital establishment and maintenance such as air bases, camps, naval bases and other facilities such as clubs, Hotels and others.

Engineers in The military life

The role of military engineers is divided into two roles

Engineering secure in Defense:

  • Exploring places of the enemy and land by establishing engineering observatories and conducting engineering patrols. Protect defenses by establishing a network of trenches, transport and shelters with filters and ventilation. The trenches are usually backed by infantry weapons, caches, light shelters, tank latrines, vehicle bunkers, basic and reciprocal artillery and anti-aircraft guns, command and control headquarters, combat deployment lines and anti-tank reserves.

Engineers in The military life


  • Set minefields in front of the frontier of the defenses (including anti-tank mines and anti-tank mines).
  • The establishment of different barriers, covers and obstacles (sandy, concrete, metal or wood)
  • The establishment of anti-tank trenches, barbed concrete blocks and wire barriers.
  • The establishment of shelters, roads, mechanical, quilted and improvised bridges and water supply
  • Camouflage: a combat and operational security measure, which aims to conceal combat forces from hostile monitoring and to mislead the enemy about the deployment, operations and intentions of the forces.

Engineers in The military life

Engineering secure in Attack:

  • In preparation for the attack, the engineering forces are preparing the waiting areas for the forces and moving the battle axes towards the battle line, securing the opening of the fighting battalions, preparing the artillery for firefighting, establishing command and control headquarters.
  • At the start of the attack, the engineering forces are opening holes in friendly and enemy minefields using rocket-propelled snakes, as well as the use of mine exploders. Tank dozers and other engineering equipment also used to open loopholes in dirt barriers and to open roads in front of troops attacking. It also keeps the opening of loopholes to attack forces, The establishment of the floating bridges and buoys to cross water barriers.

Engineers in The military life

Modern Military Engineering

In recent times, Military engineering has begun to pay attention to the manufacture and development of various weapons in the armies through the military factories. It is concerned with the military formations during wars and the construction of camps and watchtowers.

Engineers in The military life

As technology capabilities increases, aircraft, helicopters, ships, and electronic and radiological control become increasingly sophisticated, military engineering in both attack and defense areas is growing exponentially.

Engineers in The military life

The most prominent military engineering equipment are excavating machines, motor graders, track ladders, tank dozers, amphibious landing gear, bridge-laying mechanisms (light or heavy mechanical bridges mounted on tanks), Raft kits and mine exploders portable on tanks.

Top 5 Famous Military Engineers

  1. Leonardo da Vinci
  2. Giovanni Battista Agucchi
  3. Alfredo d’Escragnolle Taunay, Viscount of Taunay
  4. John G. Barnard
  5. Sébastien Le Prestre de Vauba

the top 5 famous military engineers

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