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What is Architectural Conservation?

What is architectural conservation? Architectural conservation describes the process which material, historical and design durability of mankind’s built architectural history is prolonged to last longer and to be able to sustain difficult conditions or to be kept sustainable, in general.

There are many ways and forms as to how one could possibly conserve and attempt to conserve architectural heritages such as rehabilitation, restoration, reconstruction, and preservation. Not all countries recognize all 4 and use them, some countries like Canada only recognize preservation, rehabilitation, and restoration.

But before using all of these methods, why do we need to conserve? Architectural heritages such as the Great Pyramids are required to be preserved due to the inescapable side effects that natural disasters such as earthquakes or storms or even simply the change in temperature causes. Not only does the environment effect such important historical landmarks, but the three most prominent factors affecting them, including the environment, are pollution and tourism.

Having the environment and pollution as two main factors of such happenings are no big news, but how is tourism such a prominent factor? Well, even though tourism is beneficial in both the economic, cultural and educational fields, it can be quite destructive to such important landmarks. For example, the Egyptian tomb of Seti the 1st is currently off-limits to the public due to the degeneration that has been caused by tourists. The pyramids in Giza have also encountered problems due to the large numbers of tourists; more tourists mean greater humidity and water presence, which can lead to erosion.

Architectural conservation is something that has been promoted for years and years and every year it grows more and more important and more widely known amongst everyone in whatever fields they may be in.

Researches & Publications on Architectural Heritage Conservation

Architectural conservation is the main idea behind the upcoming 3rd edition of the Conservation of Architectural Heritage (CAH) conference which will take place in Aswan, Egypt from the 19th to the 21st of February 2019.

Conservation of Architectural Heritage: Regeneration and Management - Cover

This year (2019), CAH will be different; more reach, more authoritative, and more scientific value of course.

Officially declared, conservation of architectural heritage (cah) – regeneration & management – 3rd edition will be held under the patronage of:

In addition to, Springer as a publishing partner.

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