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IEREK & Springer Collaboration

IEREK announces, with pleasure, its ongoing collaboration with Springer, a world-renowned publisher that serves and supports the research community, in establishing a series of peer-reviewed books with the title of:

‘Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation’
IEREK Interdisciplinary Series for Sustainable Development

This Series of books is based on the best studies on new emerging researches that cross existing disciplinary boundaries in science, technology and innovation (STI), which will be selected from various international conferences and events organized by the “International Experts for Research Enrichment and Knowledge Exchange – IEREK” in the Euro-Mediterranean zone and worldwide.

This IEREK series for interdisciplinary STI studies seeks to contribute to create/develop solutions for a sustainable future and for positive societal transformation through innovative approaches in science and technology. Interdisciplinary in coverage, the series will present several new and emerging innovation approaches, and highlight how they may contribute to economic development and sustainable development for societal welfare. In particular, the series will include conceptual and empirical contributions from all interrelated fields of science, technology and innovation, which focus on bringing practical solutions to ensure food, water and energy security. It will also present new case studies with concrete examples on how to resolve sustainable urbanization issues. The series is addressed to professionals in research and teaching, consultancies and industry, government and international organizations. IEREK

Interdisciplinary Series for Sustainable Development will acquaint readers with new emerging studies in STI for sustainable development by focusing on these interdisciplinary research areas:

  • Innovation for sustainable development
  • Technology and innovation for sustainable urbanization
  • Renewable energy technologies for rural development
  • Geospatial science and technology for development
  • Information and communication technology for development
  • Urban development, land administration and disaster risk management
  • Green urbanism
  • Architecture and environmental design
  • Smart future cities
  • Cultural sustainable tourism

More updates are to follow.

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