Exploring Luxor and Aswan

Luxor and Aswan can be described as ones of the best places you can ever visit and spend your vacation in, especially in the winter because of theirs charming warm climate.They are characterized by their historical sites, therapeutic and business destinations which attract tourists from all over the world.

In this topic, I will highlight some of the most representative sites in both Luxor and Aswan.

First, Luxor city:

Luxor is characterized by its magnificent buildings and the existence of antique markets that the tourists like to visit to buy as a gift for their friends and loved ones.

Add to that, the presence of some of the most important historical sites in Egypt such as:

1) Luxor Temple:

Luxor temple has been built for worshiping Amon Ra, and characterized by the presence of two obelisks at the temple entrance, and the sacred lake exists outdoor the temple.

2) Karnack Temple:

This temple is characterized by Sound and Light Show, held every night and considered one of the best ways for exploring the temple.

3) The Valley of Kings:

500 years ago, the Valley of Kings was being used to bury the dead pharaohs.

Now this valley contains a lot of royal graves decorated with charming pharaonic inscriptions.


Second, Aswan city:

Aswan considered the south gate of Egypt, it is characterized by its handmade Nubian houses.

Some of the historical sites located in Aswan are:

1) Museum of Nubia

It was opened in 1997 to be a place that contains memorable antiques that belong to different ages.

2) Drowned Nubian museum:

The museum was opened recently in 2001, including photos of Nubian sites before surviving which contains about 180 pictures taken by the delegates who were working in Nubia in 1990 which monitored the history of Nubia and collected the cultural heritage of it.

3) Elephantine Island:

It exists on the Egyptian Nile, it’s history goes all the way back to the pre-dynastic period.

4) High Dam of Egypt:

It was built around the 1960’s, it considered to be an engineering miracle, as it provides electricity and irrigation for the entire nation of Egypt.

It is the most important place in Aswan that you must visit there.

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