Why Open Access?


We, as most people already know, live in the age of information where everything is made available on the internet. Many may think that living in an age where information is readily available anywhere at any point in time is a massive step forward in the direction of self and global development, however, nations and people cannot and will not move forward until we, as academics, move forward hand in hand and enhance this age into an age of knowledge.

It is for that reason that scholars and intellectuals are perpetually looked upon as the jewels of this age that will someday contribute to knowledge in a way that most of us cannot comprehend. However, it is incredibly important to understand that even the thoughts of the most knowledgeable of humans will not be perceived as intelligent unless they are articulated correctly. In other words, if you, as a researcher and an intellectual, are devoted to contribute to this world, make sure to communicate your knowledge and make it widely available to the masses by publishing Open Access in the right academic journal for you.

It is no secret that most scholars that decide to publish their work are compelled to do so for two obvious reasons:

  • To get that promotion that they have always been waiting for by proving to the employer that you they are actually an asset to the workplace
  • To raise their status as a contributor to knowledge

While the aforementioned are definitely strong incentives to contribute your work, other reasons to publish include the fact that the process of writing research opens your eyes to so much more information and knowledge than you expected, which essentially means that you yourself will learn new things out of the process of writing your own research.

Other incentives include:

  • The process of enhancing yourself as a researcher includes the relationships you build within the academic community. Such connections are often made through the dissemination of research and findings
  • After publishing, you officially become part of the scientific community
  • You may well be helping many other researchers and scholars to learn and enhance their own knowledge by reading your research
  • Publishing open access means that you are ready to contribute to knowledge and help others free of charge and you are encouraging more and more research to be readily available

Of course, it’s important to conclude that all the previously mentioned points are vital for human and self-development, but at the end of the day, if your knowledge and discoveries just stay in your head and are not published to the masses, then your commitment to science is merely a hobby.

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