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Globalization Effect on City Identity

Globalization Effect on City Identity

Globalization has changed the spaces relevance between places; In the past people would travel from city to city or from a country to another to visit someone, conduct a business, or get anything done. But now due to the globalization in transportation, and in communications the spaces between places has been eliminated, and geographical separation are no longer relevant.

Cities identities might change to be more similar to each other with the disappearing lines between people perception of location, as now people no longer have to travel a lot as they had to in the past to get things done.

The western civilizations are affecting developing countries or third world counties in a great way whether culturally, linguistically, or in the way that cities develop, for example, we can easily find that most of new cities are built on the western style which with no doubt affect the cities’ identity changes the old customs and traditions that were already existing in the country and the behavior and thinking of people as well.

As well, many people use English as a common language of communication and neglect their original language, with time the original language itself gets affected by the foreign terminologies, that eventually leads to a distorted spoken language which merges more than one language together, leading to the neglecting of the original language until it disappears.

So we can easily say that globalization affect the culture, language, customs, traditions, and imprint on the existing city identity.

But the major problem is that not only cultural traditions and customs that move from one place to another, but also terrorism can be transferred from one country to another through globalization.

Therefore, the more we hold on to our identity the better, so we can maintain our cultural heritage and adapt to the rapidly changing world without losing ourselves in it.

Identity is who we are, it defines our future, for more information on Cities’ Identity Through Architecture and Arts check the following link:



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