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Waste to Energy

Waste to Energy: The Win Win Deal !

In energy “How to win twice?” is an interesting question as there are no winning in energy, there are costs and expenses only.

The “win- win situation” comes from using Green Energy, the first win is by getting rid of waste, especially garbage and junk, that win is an environmental and economical win. It’s a great way of saving us the trouble of barring them or throwing them in the desert, or worse sending garbage waste to third world countries, etc. As well other sources of green energy will provide lots of benefits at all levels environmental and economical.

The other win is guaranteed when using green, renewable, or alternative energy to produce electricity or fuel that will save effort, time, and of course money.

So producing energy from waste will guarantee having faster and lasting energy source without even paying for it as it’s produced by recycling waste into energy.

The process using waste to generate energy forms whether heat or electricity is referred to as Energy from Waste “EFW”. It’s done by using developed technological methods to compress and dispose waste and generate energy from it at the same time.

The need to transform waste into energy is increasing due to the fact that each month millions of tons of waste are produced, and they either go to the landfill or exported to third world counties, which in both cases generate negative environmental impacts either locally or in other counties. Which motivates us to think in waste treatment methods seriously not only to produce energy but also to save the environment.

Energy that is produced in the form of electricity, heat or fuel using combustion, gasification or anaerobic digestion is renewable and clean energy with less carbon emissions and minimal environmental impact than any other form of energy.

One of the most amazing inventions to transform waste into energy is that machine used to turn food waste into gas for cooking, as well some countries collect garbage in machines placed in public places and big supermarkets, those machines are designed so the person would put bottles or cans into the machines and take money in exchange. Those types of machines are ways to motivate people to use waste to produce energy.


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