Why Choose Sustainable Transportation?


Transportation is one of the fundamental components in our daily life. We consume most of our resources and harm our environment to achieve successful mobility of goods, people, etc. As moving from point A to point B requires energy. But with green transportation, or sustainable transportation we will be able to achieve transit as well as saving our environment. It includes all non-motorized ways of transportation.
So, how could we achieve sustainability?
There are many ways to make the best use of our resources and reduce emissions.
Electric vehicles:
Whether they are cars, trains, boats. Electric vehicles are fully powered by electricity and don’t produce any emission.

electric car

Hybrid car:
They are gathering both normal petrol and electric motor. One of the advantages of hybrid cars, is that it uses less fuel and emits less CO2. Hybrids converse energy, at low speeds the engine is turned off and the car is driven only by the electric motor.

hybrid car

Using alternative fuel:
Alternative fuel like biofuels it is also a renewable fuel that is made of biomass materials, and also, solar fuel which comes from the core of the sun. Hydrogen and fuel cells, they are not only renewable but also very low in pollution when used.
Why green transportation?
• For the better environment: as Carbon Dioxide violates and harm our environment every day, and cause the greenhouse phenomenon using green modes of transportation will help us to reduce its emission.
• Healthy world: as it changes human lives for better. Walking and cycling have a good impact both on the human body and environment.
• More sustainable economic development in making green vehicles as it improves public transport systems and will create better job opportunities thus affecting the productivity and improving the economic status of the country.

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