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8 Secrets of academic research “Your way to academic research “

Doing an academic research requires more than knowledge, it requires good writing and good planning rather than good searching skills. In this blog, you will learn how to enrich your research paper.

  1. pick a topic:
    Choose a topic that you are passionate about, do not write for a purpose of writing, but write in a purpose of doing something new, for coming up with new ideas that will benefit the world.
  2. Be specific:
    Try to focus on specific topic or category that will help you in researching for educational references as well as making your idea clear to the reader. For example, if you write a research in transportation planning, the title transportation planning will be too general topic to write. Instead, you can choose from subcategories in that field like mobility, accessibility, safety, traffic congestion, etc.Transport Planning
  3. Ask questions:Questions
    Before you start writing you have to ask yourself dozens of question like:

    • Who are my audience?
    • What kind of problems that I am going to solve it?
    • What is the goal of this research?
    • How will this research serve in my industry?
    • What is the tone that I will use?
    • What channels that will publish my research paper? (this question will help you to specify your audience too)

    Write your answers in a paper, so it will be easy for you to gather all your ideas.

  4. Look for information:Search
    You must identify resources that you are going to use in your research. Here are some ways to do that:

    • Search online: the internet is now full of many websites that provide information in every field, but you have to make up your mind which kind of information you are searching for.
    • Use Google advanced search: it will help you specify your topic and give you specific sites about your research topic.
    • Find keywords in your topic: it will be easy to get the site you want quickly. Use words like tricks, tips, professional beside your keyword in search query to get unique essays about your research.
    • Use academic database:
      there are many search engines designed for students, professors and researchers. You can use them to enrich your research.
      These are some search engines that may help you:

      • ISEEK Education
      • Academic index
      • Microsoft academic search
      • Google correlate
      • Infomine
  5. Figure out your thesis:Thesis
    Although thesis statement is a sentence or two in your research, but it tells the reader the summary of your research. It is like a map that will guide your reader.
    How do you get thesis?
    Think a lot about the topics you wrote in your research and the relation between the topics (similarities, contracts, etc.)
  6. Make an outline:Outline
    The outline will help you to divide and organize your ideas. Make sure you are dividing your papers into three sections introduction, body and conclusion.
  7. write your first draft:Draft
    Remember while you are writing, that is the first time don’t omit what you do not like, just write your ideas and organize them.
  8. It is time for final paper:Final Paper
    Read what you wrote several times and revise it well. Make sure that your research meets the requirements you set at the very beginning. Be careful with spelling, punctuation, missing or duplicated words. Do your best to ensure that your final paper is neat and attractive.

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