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Human vs. Robotic products

It is an obvious fact that we live in the digital age now after all the technology and developments that we see in various aspects of life events and products that we buy everyday

In these days, most of these products are manufactured by machines and robots which are involved now in all industries even craftsmanship because of the advancements in production techniques.

Moreover, machines and robots are involved in architecture and artistic works, although there is tending and call for the returning of human-made craftsmanship again because it represents heritage and includes human artistic sense specially in architectural model such as Arabesque and Mashrabiyas in Islamic and architecture arts.

On the other hand, some might disagree to that. They prefer robots’ products because may be cheap and more accurate as a result of machines and computing systems which are accurate and void of human mistakes.

In both cases, we can’t reject neither human-made nor robot-made products through a lot of people do their best to increase the awareness and interest in human craftsmanship specially in architectural modeling and interior design, in order to find its place in market and create a new skilled generation of architects, designers and artists.

In addition, this helps in reducing energy consumption because machine elements need electrical or other types of energy that mean the decrease of money and pollution.

There are others who prefer both human and robotic products the combination between materialist and affection, past and future, advanced technology and craftsmanship. They also think this is the best in order to be able to get along with both our factual life and coherence of artistic side in life.

So, what do you think? human or robot products? If you are going to answer this question, make sure to take in consideration the points above, and you alone can answer this.

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