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Relation and Differences between Contemporary and Historical Arts

Many people support the opinion that there are no similarities between Contemporary and historical arts in Architecture but actually the following features indicate the contrary of this:

In the contemporary arts, we can find it in some modern decoration and interior design Architecture.

Moreover, we observe historical architectural design in historical arts Museums to deepen and enhance arts developing the concept and widen awareness towards Architectural heritage.

Nowadays, we use contemporary arts in Cinema and theater decoration to imitate the historical buildings and furniture in historical works.

It is a big business and it includes the work of a lot of interior designers, artists, carpenters, and workers. There are specialists in historical furniture renting for different ages and period like Pharos, Greek, Roman, Medieval and renaissance periods.

In spite of the technological advancements in design Arts, we still use historical arts in some computer games through architectural design in the game stages besides, it may also be used in marketing.

We use both Contemporary and historical arts that identify destinations in tourism promotion cards, flight tickets, and advertisements.

Despite these similarities between Contemporary and historical arts, there are so many differences between them through senses and historical period circumstances and because every art materializes its features and style.

However, with time, the minds, view-points, attitudes, and ideas can change, this is an ipso facto. Accordingly, we should accept these changes and also accept the difference between contemporary and historical arts, also, we should accept both of them because we can’t live in the past and we can’t remove the historical arts from our lives.

Overall, when we compare or criticize different types of arts we should not deny the importance of these types, not only in a person’s life but also in nations histories and identities.

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