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Build you house with recycled materials

Did you know that 60% of rubbish that ends up in trash bins can be recycled? Glass, vehicles, papers, aluminum, all of them can be recycled completely and put in use in short time and save a huge amount of energy that is wasted every day.

Thousands of people nowadays started to show interest and participate in recycling not only by segregating recyclables at home (separate metal, paper, glass) but also by making and creating items with recyclable materials to inspire and influence others to recycle too.

Here are 6 inspiring awesome homes that are made of recycling materials:

1 – Houses made of ships and boats  

This ship was built and launched in 1924 for the Ford Motor Company. It was decommissioned in December 1981 and sold to Frank J. Sullivan. Five years later the forward structure of the ship was removed and it’s been used as summer home since then.


2 – Houses made of glass bottles

This house is fully made of glass bottles


3 – Houses made of soda cans

This house made by the architect Richard Van Os Keuls, a resident of Silver Spring, Maryland. Van Os Keuls estimates the project will take 22,000 cans, but he is almost done with only 2000 cans.



4 – Houses made of car tires

This house considered as one of earth ships houses as it made of recycled materials: glass bottles, cans and car tires.


5- Houses made by ship containers

This house was made by Adam Kalkin and its called Old Lady House this house considered  a Modern Shipping Container Masterpiece


6- Houses made of recycled wood

This house was built by Dan Phillips who has become a celebrity in his hometown of Huntsville, Texas, for building many fully functional recycled houses out of construction waste and scraps.


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