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Different Effects on Buildings Style and Area Planning

Buildings Style

There are  differences between regions and countries in nature, climate, origin, and residents, all these elements reflect on Buildings Style. However, The Buildings in the northern regions like Iceland, Canada, and Greenland have a specific style in their planning to adapt with low temperature and icy nature and vice versa in high-temperature regions in Africa and south America. Each use the available materials in the environment like in the case of forests, they use wood and bamboo in their building.

In the desert regions in the past, they used to live in caves to keep themselves off the high temperature.

These caves gave them inspiration to Sculpt buildings in the mountains and use stones to build their homes. This was documented in old Civilization in Egypt and Arabian peninsula.

This Cultural heritage is continued so far Especially in “branch cultures”. There are people that still follow their ancestor’s traditions in living in buildings that bear their same styles. This appears clearly in countries like Yemen, Sudan, Morocco and Tunisia, and the types of buildings have special signals that identify these nations.

We see also that not only the human factors but also nature affect area planning through soil nature and geographical content.

This planning is clear in The narrow alleys and public squares in old cities of Italy, France, and Spain, and some of this planning styles were transferred into Mediterranean East Countries in Lebanon and Syria.

But The question is what are the continuities and discontinuities in the building and cities styles?

This issue differs from region to other. The new buildings like skyscrapers have a wide spreading in new and modern countries like, for example, in UAE and Qatar. but recently in some countries and cities, the old buildings style returns as ideas for many reasons, one of them is nostalgia and as old areas were better because there isn’t any cars or motors, and as a result there are no traffic jams or accidents.

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