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No Paper Day

No Paper Day

On the 7th and 8th of April IEREK have participated in the event “No Paper Day” and would like to extend warmest regards and gratitude to #QGBC who called for this day.
Together we will build a greener tomorrow. Learn about us by visiting our website:

Read magazines online or share a subscription with a friend.
You’ll save money as well as paper.
Tell the magazine companies that you’d like them to print on recycled paper.
Recycle all your waste paper.
Use both sides of the paper.
If you get junk mail, use the back of the paper for memos.
Cut down on paper waste and use fewer wood products (zero-waste and zero-paper). Try to cut down your use of paper by a half.
Do not use disposable goods, especially cups, spoons, etc.
Eliminate printer and fax cover sheets.
Reduce the size of print-outs and think before you press the ‘print’ button. Does it really need to be printed?
Use email instead of paper memos, and reduce the number of messages you print out.
Sign up for automatic bill payment, and ask companies to email your statements.
Buy recycled and reused paper.
Instead of using so much tissue, use a handkerchief instead.


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