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The future of urban planning

The future of urban planning

In urban planning and many other specialties, we lately heard about gravitational waves that come to us from the outer space. These waves traveled billions of billions kilometer to arrive to earth, without any obstacles on its way. Could urban and transportation planners provide us with cities, that well organized like nature, in which cars move freely and travel for very long distances?
To do that, in urban planning, the following tips should be kept in mind:

  1. Make way to bicycles:

    People now tend to use bicycles rather than cars, because, in addition to their health benefits, they also provide a quick transit than cars do. Urban planners should create cycle path and bicycle parking to make it a sustainable city.

  2. Geography:

    While you are making a plan you should look at the nature of cities and make the best use of it. Ask yourself; does the city have mountains, beaches, and waterways? How big are they? How can I connect them together?

  3. Buildings:

    You must consider buildings in the city, especially public buildings. For instance; how many hospitals? Where are they? Are they located together centrally or are they scattered in locations all over the cities? Where are residences located? etc.

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