Bumper to Bumper


The term “peak hour” becomes out of date. We used to say it when cars are bumper to bumper on roads. One of the reasons for this problem is the lack of public transportation. When people don’t find their place in public transportation, they directed to buy their own cars to facilitate their mobility to a different place, on this way they increasing the number of cars on the road and as a result making traffic congestion.

The second reason is the failing in land use. Land use planning should be put in a wider context. We don’t make the best use of land, most of cities use only 3% of land. We have some good plans and strategies, but we do not have enough money to apply it. The third reason is the existence of many trucks on the road because of the lack of freight opportunities. It causes also damaging and dangerous accidents on the roads. Also, the obstacles in the road are the main reason for traffic congestion “like double parking, road work, etc.,” they may stop the road for hours.

We should pay more and more attention to the problem of traffic congestion and give it more time as it affects all sides of life economic, health, political and social life.

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