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Waste management, Steps and Methods

waste management

Waste management is the actions and activities that are taken to manage the waste from its inception until its disposal and the time between its inception and disposal includes many stages; collection, transport, sorting, and treatment of waste while monitoring it.
If the world does care about sustainability and future generations, they have to take good care of waste management because waste is not something to be ignored or disposed of it can be recycled and reused and the useless one can be disposed of in an efficient way like landfill and incineration
From benefits of waste management
1) Improve the economic efficiency
2) New source for employment
3) Develop poorer cities and countries
4) Minimize resource extractions
5) Provide better and fair life for future generation

Waste disposal is one of the essential stages in waste management, there are many methods of waste disposal and from this method

1) Landfill: landfill is a place to dispose of waste material by burying it and covering it over with soil and from benefits of landfill is that its gas can be upgraded to natural gas

2) Recycling: Recycling is the process where it converts waste into useful products to prevent energy usage and consumption of raw materials

3) Incineration: means burning of waste at high temperature to convert them into heat, flue gas and ash

Our role as human beings towards waste management is really important since efficient waste management is best achieved in our houses if people participate in this process this will lead to powerful and positive effect on our environment, here are some actions that we can do
• Reduce creating waste: next time before throwing anything in your trash bin think twice is there is anyway not to end up here
• Reuse the things that end up as waste there are things that can be used more than one time just think before getting rid of it can I use this thing again

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