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Top 5 mistakes in Urban Planning

5 urban mistakes

This article views 5 main mistakes that the urban planners make that affect the planning adversely.

1. Lack of individual style

This mistake most of planners tend to make; forgetting about the individual style design and circumstances of each project. To overcome that you have to begin teaching yourself with each project. That will make you higher and higher.

2. Ignoring the international standards

Design is full of unspoken standards, if they applied, they would improve your design. Like unity, balance, scale. To beat ignoring standards make a list of standards and add or omit according to what you see it suitable, till you find what is good for you.

3. Ignoring pedestrian and other active transit

You have to put in mind while designing the pedestrians and their sidewalks and the same goes with bikes. The route design should follow shortcuts and methods that give walking and biking advantages over the cars.

4. Failing to protect existing buildings

Often expansion efforts are concerned with destruction more than construction. Unfortunately, historic places lost in these efforts. A successful planning protects existing advantages as it helps to create new advantages.

5. Making streets wide

Wide streets are very dangerous because it increases car speeds. Additionally, it makes its unfriendly environment for pedestrians and it also needs so much money to maintain. You should design a road that provides safety and active transit measures.

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