Gamification of Architecture


What is Gamification?

Gamification is the use of gaming playing concepts into non-gaming contexts. It requires collaboration and engagement in any activity, bringing innovation to architecture world.


The positive invasion of Games into architecture takes building designs from 3D (Images) into moving 3D. Gamification introduces future for our buildings, home, Even schools and hospitals and that in regards to controlling the building itself as if u are playing the video game and you control the game as a single player.

Recently, Game industry has turned it’s towards Architectural visualization software and is employing its engine toward Architectural programs.


Future hopes lie in filling the gap between Architect modeling and game development.


Scholars are trying to create online scenario-based games to enhance learning and teaching architecture.


Finally, Future holds a lot of creative and innovative ideas for our new world as it transforms contemporary architectural designs to different innovative concepts where the architect will develop his innovative skills and know-how skills to think more like a game designer but in a real and tangible world that will serve customers and help in designing unique urban buildings.


Gamification is the gate of making the Unreal Real.


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