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Land use it or lose it

Land Use

Land use refers to the manner of utilization of land, it generates the maximum profit without negative consequences, especially on the environment.

Here are some good tips in land use planning:

1_plan for industrial land, by determines the location, design, infrastructure, regulations, and the safeguard that will separate them from residential and other activity zones.

2_In urbanized areas try to make benefits of public road increase the usage of public transit and reduce usage of private vehicles. This will decrease emissions and air pollution.

3_Set the problems and opportunities. Explain the present land-use situation and the problems that will face you.

4_Remember always that planning is also for people. The plan must determine people’s need and also public awareness, skills, work, and the capital they can grant. Instructions will not prevent people from doing what they used to do. To accept your plan you have to take the support of decision makers in the country.

5_put in your mind the difference uses of land food, water, and shelter all that come from land. The land must undergo new changes to be appropriate for all fields, as changes come conflict also come, between the owner of lands and common interest.

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