Green Car as an Example of Transportation sustainability


As we all know, transportation is crucial in our daily life, we need its means to carry goods, heavy loads and help people to safely reach their destination,

Transportation sustainability is considered one of the most important challenges that all developing countries are facing, as transportation systems in developing countries are characterized by poor public transports that result in pollution, accidents, traffic jams, high density urban areas on the other hand transportation system in developed countries are characterized by good public transports that are safe, fast, clean, affordable and easy to use.

However, many of developing countries have been trying lately to improve their transportation system.

Green car (eco-friendly car) is one of important topics that should be considered to improve the transportation system for all these countries.

It is not only considered friendly to the environment, by being powered by alternative fuels and advanced vertical technologies other than fossil fuels or less carbon intensive than gasoline or diesel so benefit us in decreasing the environmental damage, but it also solves many economic problems, resource supply problems and health problems.

Generally, the benefits of Green Cars are:

  • They are cheaper to run: green cars fueled by cheaper prices as no gas is required so it help us to save money in our own life
  • Slow Down Global Warming: decrease the release of carbon dioxide while the car is in use
  • Return on Investment:
  • Costs such as fuel, insurance and maintenance will disappear and that end up saving a lot of money in the long run. So it can be used in investments instead of being spent.

Finally, it is too obvious that cities are shaped by their transport system, so if developing countries keen on improving their countries and make it better they have to give a big attention to transportation system and transportation sustainability and how to develop it.

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