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PopUp House, a Low-Cost, Easily-Built and Sustainable House Concept


If you ever dreamed about living in a house just as easy to build as Lego structures, you can now make your dream true with the new concept house “PopUp House”.

An architecture firm from France revealed their concept of the “PopUp House”, as they have named it, which is a stackable-blocks-made house that’s totally customizable. The total time for its design and building doesn’t exceed a month.

The PopUp House costs about 1200 to 1900 dollars for a square meter, differing according to the building materials and the facilities included, and it can easily ordered online.

One of its major features that makes the PopUp House unique that it is highly customizable, and can be whatever you need it to be, whether it is a Spacious office, cozy and small cottage, or even an Urban two-story urban house, as said by one of the firm’s co-founder.

He also likened the building of a PopUp House to building with Legos.

The building consists of two main components, recyclable stackable wooden panels and insulation blocks that are held together using wooden screws.

It can be built-up only in four days using just an electric screwdriver and can be as easily taken apart in the same time.

The first prototype made if the house measured about 150 square meter and have in it a living room, with a terrace connected to it, a kitchen with a dining area and also with an open layout, an office area, two bathrooms, two small bedrooms and a master one.

The PopUp House is currently available only in France, but the founders of the firm say that they are planning to expand it to UK and US and searching for local architecture firms to help them with this matter and to make sure that it meets the local building codes of each country.

The house also is considered part of the sustainable architecture movement, “passive construction” which is an added benefit, the concept of this movement that it describes houses that have low cost while designed in a good manner and also energy-efficient.

And in the concept of energy, the house is watertight and air tight which keeps the heat inside during winter time and saves the energy required for heating.

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