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The 10 Top Greenest Cities of the World (Part I)

Sustainability: the topic of the hour. Many discussion forums, scientific conferences and public talks discuss the topic of sustainability and many cities are going completely sustainable or as it is said in other words, they are going ‘green’.

So if you are going on a vacation and trying to find a green city to visit, you may find one of these top 10 greenest cities interesting

10. Oslo, Norway:

It not a surprise to find Oslo as one of the greenest cities in the world, and the greenest in all Norway, though it’s one of the most populated in the country.

If we talk about carbon emission, in Oslo it is the lowest of most metropolitan cities in Europe, thanks to the full cooperation of the population and the incentives provided by the government. Add to that 85% of the students go to their schools by bike or walking and most transports use hydroelectric power.

It is planned that by 2020 all of the public transport will not be using fossil fuel anymore.

Oslo9. Stockholm, Sweden:

Due to its commitment to sustainability methods, the city of Stockholm is considered the capital of European green cities since 2010.

During the 1960s was the first attempt to make Stockholm a green city, when they launched a campaign to clean the river which is revived completely and many fish including salmon live there now.

On the level of carbon emission, it’s 66% less than most European cities.

They also encourage people to use bikes or walk instead of using transport methods, in order to reduce the carbon emission and the use of fossil fuel and also to lessen the noise levels, along with producing eco-food and organic food products.

stockholm_portraitFor the rest of the top 10 greenest cities, please stay tuned for the coming days.

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