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New Construction Technologies – A Glimpse at the Future


When you talk about the new technologies of construction, you find a wide variety of possibilities, and it seems that the future will be shaped by this variety of technologies and its rapid advancements.

For example if we are talking about the construction workers themselves, they are possibly to be replaced by robots, like the termite-like robot (which appear in the image below) that was created by The Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering in association with The Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences. The robot was programmed so it could do some construction tasks.

During the previous four years of research, the TERMES, as it was named, was able work without previously determined roles or supervision, and can use a kind of 3D printing and using a kind of foam for raw material. A small group of these robots could construct some 3D buildings using this technique. It is planned that these robots can perform the risky construction tasks that could be too dangerous for human.

Enrico Dini and Italian Robotics Engineer has declared that the 3D construction using robots might extend to whole urban sections rather than just individual buildings, which was confirmed last 2013 when Universe Architects created the first full two-story building using 3D printing which was printed on-site and looked like a Mobius Strip.

Dini and Universe Architects will be collaborating to create 3D printed buildings using his 3D Printer, which was first functional on 2010 and built a structure that resembled a mountain which was actually a single-room hut with two windows and a workspace, a bed and also a sink.

We can now see a glimpse of the future in this kind of printed buildings and constructions, but currently this kind of technology is put under test, firstly as the printed buildings need to have support during the building process, otherwise it will collapse, secondly because of the high cost which is 5 million euros for a building.

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