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Integration of Robotics in Construction


The integration of robotics and in the field of architecture is currently being in increase day by day.

A lot of cities now use robotic machineries in this field and to mention some and not all of them there are Rome in Italy, Los Angeles in USA, Amsterdam in Netherlands, London in the UK, Stuttgart in Germany and Shanghai in China.

There are currently two contracts that has been governmentally issued one of them is in Los Angeles and the other is in London and planning to have their work presented to the public as soon as possible. As for the other companies are still doing some improvement to their work, or just in the phase of testing their products.

Though these technologies have their first steps in the field of construction but generally it takes wide steps that will also hasten and fasten the construction process as it advances towards a new era with whole new benefits that are:

  1. Lower the building cost, either directly or indirectly
  2. Fasten the process
  3. Reduce the construction waste radically
  4. Safer construction sites for the workers and ease their work
  5. Increase the building sustainability

There is no doubt that manufacturers would profit by mechanical autonomy. As much as administrators in any fragment of the economy, they have to cut their expenses, help their profitability and make working environments more secure. In reality, development’s requirement for mechanization and apply autonomy will get to be earnest.

In the wake of the Great Recession:

Eight years after the incident, bank financing is still hard to discover. Medium and vast measured organizations are sitting out of gear notable measures of capital, cash that could somehow or another be utilized to construct, extend or overhaul business structures. Political gridlock keeps on starving the country’s foundation spending plan at a sub-support level.

What’s more, Chinese firms are underbidding local manufacturers on substantial tasks by a huge number of dollars (and conveying results that even a few backers of abroad contracts say are once in a while not very impressive).

Work expenses are developing, in any case, on account of a deficiency of qualified tradespeople. Furthermore, profitability is stagnant, a long-standing pattern inside of the business.

The business is starting to address some of these ranges of mechanization through construction, which can include everything from building whole parts, for example, door jambs, dividers and structure modules. Without a doubt, a private Chinese development organization named Broad Group pre-assembled whole floors in 2012 to raise a 30-story Hotel out from the ground up in 15 days.

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