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The most important 5 Green buildings


A poll in 2010 was conducted about the five most famous green buildings in the world.

A hundred experts in the field of green architecture about their opinion of the most important five green building that are built since 1980. And the vote result was as follows:


Most of the votes went to the Adam Joseph Lewis Center for Environmental Studies in Oberlin, Ohio

The center was finished in 2001 on the campus of Oberlin College and Conservatory. The building uses zero-energy and using the system for waste water purification called Living Machine. The building has a classroom, office space, auditorium and environmental studies library. The energy is generated by solar panels, including the lighting, cooling and geothermal systems.


The second building was The California Academy of Science, it’s a LEED platinum facility that has a massive green roof and more than 1.7 million plants with a solar covering which covers about 10% of the facility yearly Energy requirements.


The third biggest environment friendly building in The Architects poll was the Genzyme Center located in Cambridge, Mass. A LEED Platinum-certified, two-story, 350, 000-square-foot workplace seemed to be constructed at a site in which a coal gasification plant was. The deserted building seemed to be an eyesore locally, in addition to Genzyme revitalized the area with the eco responsible office building.


The fourth in line was the Boddington Zero Energy Development in London it is a sustainable community for living with houses including rental ones.


The Chesapeake Bay Foundation’s Philip Merrill Environmental Center, came fifth though in the votes’ number it was the same as the fourth. It is a platinum-certified for LEED and generate more than 30% of its power of geothermal wells, and generate additional energy of solar plates. It has also natural ventilation system, the toilets don’t use water (Composting type).


According to Architect magazine’s vote these are the most important green buildings that were built during the last 30 years but as it is seen most of them were built during the last ten to fifteen years and less votes were given to buildings from the 1990s like Menara Mesiniaga Tower in Malaysia (1992), Institute for Forestry and Nature Research in the Netherlands (1998) and Commerzbank Headquarters in Germany (1997).


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