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The Reichstag, one of the greenest buildings in the world

The Reichstag (German Parliament Building) is set to be running only on renewable energy and is considered one of the greenest buildings in the world.


From summer 2008 the building’s power resources from the normal energy sources to more green power ones like water, air and solar.


It all began with the renovation of the building during the year of 1990 which included its well-known glass dome which was designed by Sir Norman Foster, an English Architect. And since then, it was being developed to reduce its carbon emissions which was effectively dwindled by 94% effectively.

The Reichstag before renovation (1932)




The Reichstag after renovation

The dome’s top uses the energy from the sun beams for light and energy that is retained by the well-insulated walls (which are from the 19th century) to retain the warmth in winter and keep it out in summer decreasing the need for air conditioning system.

Interior of the famous Reichstag Dome









40% of the energy is produced by a biofuel generator in the basement of the building mainly used for heating and lighting while the rest 60% power comes from nuclear and coal supplies.


But the Reichstag since then has been stepping forward in these matters in order to stop using any external sources in favor of clean green energy.


Parliamentarians trust that the change to clean energy will support Germany’s reputation for being one of the greenest nations on the planet and help the renewable energy area. Germany has a standout amongst the most internationally fruitful and creative clean energy commercial ventures. Helped by an appropriation framework, around 13% of its power originates from renewable power – for the most part wind – an assume that is set to ascend to 27% throughout the following 12 years.


The greening of the Reichstag fits in with a developing pattern in zero-emission homes in Germany, with a few homes so energy-effective that they even deliver power. The proprietors are permitted to offer their surplus back to the network for liberal returns.

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